Prophet or Madman

Prophet or Madman cover

A Bridge Between Worlds

Bruce Adams

A Review
By Frank A. Mills
Janaury 6, 2024

PROPHET or MADMAN: A Bridge Between Worlds, Bruce Adams. Trinus Publishing (Port Charlotte, FL), 2023, 231 pages, including glossary and index. ISBN: 978-0-9764840-6-6.

I do love someone who is willing to take the risk and step out of the box. I love it when someone who does so, is willing to take the risk of being called a “Madman,” although he hopes it will be “Prophet” instead.

Bruce Adams has stepped so far out of the box, that the box barely exists any longer.

Suppose, like Saul on the Damascus Road, God suddenly spoke to you. What would you do? Would you think you are going mad? Undoubtedly, it would change your life. But how: Madman or Prophet?

That’s the question Bruce Adams asks, is he a madman or a prophet?

For Bruce Adams, it on the ice-skating rink floor that God spoke. Prophet or Madman is not so much the story of Adams’ experience, as it is about how the experience changed his thinking about God and existence.

For Adams the encounter changed his thinking about the relationship between time and space, the material and spiritual, God and creation, and most significantly his thinking about love. At the very heart of the encounter and of Adams’ existential journey that followed is God’s profound and Unconditional Love. It is a love that Adams states, “(C)annot be limited, or put in a box.” For Adams that Unconditional Love forced him to ask, “What is real? What is illusion?” Even death is an illusion. Yet the illusion is reality. The book puts it this way, “You are a spiritual being, having a human experience.” This Unconditional Love is, according to Adams, “A bridge between worlds.”

Prophet or Madman?

Some, steeped in conservative Christianity, will not give Adams a fair shake. Some will think that Adams has gone off the deep end. That he’s full of hogwash. But don’t be so sure.

What Adams suggest is not much different than what Quantum Theory, both mechanical and spiritual, suggests to be true. Adams though, makes it much simpler to grasp, and he does so within the context of Christianity.

The journey that Adams lays before us, is both mystical and enlightened. It is mystical in that the path raises our consciousness from the supposed reality of the daily to that of the spiritual realm. It is enlightened because it doesn’t take us out of the world, but places us dead smack into creation with responsibility. Human Unconditional Love, while wrapped in God’s Unconditional Love, is not an easy thing to practice. Practicing unconditional love demands our all. It also demands a change of our thinking about what is real, and what is illusion. If we accept Adams’ invitation to join in the journey, it will be, without question, a transformative journey.

Prophet or Madman? I’ll leave that up to you to decide. Read Prophet or Madman and then decide.

The book is an easy read. But then again, it does demand that we be willing to set aside our preconceived notions of reality and illusion. Throughout the book, Adams provides call-outs and diagrams to help us visually grasp his ideas. Scriptural quotes, including a liberal sprinkling of the Gospel According to Thomas, add to our understanding. His flow of relatively short chapters logically lays out his premise.

Adams provides a helpful glossary of terms with definition and an expansive index.

Bruce Adams is neither a pastor nor a theologian, but a business man living in Cape Coral, FL and the founder of the “League of Love.” When I asked for a bio, Adams supplied this:

Brother Bruce Adams Inspired by a profound encounter with what some call God or Source, Brother Bruce Adams embarked on a transformative journey of spiritual exploration. With no formal education beyond high school, Brother Bruce is guided by a deep connection to divine wisdom. He delves into the realms of spirituality, sharing insights drawn from the heart of his personal revelations. His writings, including Prophet or Madman, reflect a soul's journey to understand and embody the essence of Unconditional Love. Join Brother Bruce on this enlightening path, transcending traditional boundaries and embracing a universal consciousness.

©Frank A. Mills, 2024

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