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Posted: April 4, 2024
[From: SIDE STREET GOD (Sept. 11, 2023]

Blue Bonnet Court

Irving Gershick (Zsa Zsa Gershick)

Bluebonnet Court

Stories: Real, Imagined, Fictional

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Celtic Christianity

A Celtic Book of Dying (Phyllida Anam-Áire) | A Celtic Christology (John F. Gavin) | Portus nahEireann (Dustin Ashley) | Thinking Nature and the Nature of Thinking (Willemein-Otten)

Christian Universalism

A Larger Hope Vol. 1 & 2 (Ilaria L. E. Ramelli, Robin Perry) | The Devil's Redemption (Michael J. McClymond) | Grace Saves All (David Artman) | Here Am I Again, Lord: Landon Colley, An Old Time PBU Preacher (Adda Davis) | Holly Hell (Derek Kubilus) | In the Hands of A Happy God: The Primitive Baptist Universalists (Howard Dorgan)


A Celtic Christology (John F. Gavin) | The Cosmic Vision of Theilhard de Chardin (John F. Haught) | The Hours of the Universe (Ilia Delio) | Theilhard de Chardin: Book of Hours (Kathleen Deignan, Libby Osgood) | Thinking Nature and the Nature of Thinking (Willemein-Otten)

Progressive Christianity

After Trump (Donald Heinz) | The Body of the Cross (John F. Gavin) | Churches & The Crisis of Decline (Andrew Root) | Converting Christians to the Jesus Ethic (Russell Pregeant) | Dark and Stormy: Unitarian Theology in Gothic & Ghostly Literature (Susan Ritchie) | Death of Omnipotence Birth of Amipotence (Thomas Jay Oord) | The Elephant is Running (Bruce G. Epperly) | For the Healing of the Nation (Russell Pregeant) | God Can't (Thomas Jay Oord) | Human Faith Within The Conscious Biosphere (Dale Segrest) | Mystery Without Magic (Russell Pregeant) | Open & Relational Theology (Thomas Jay Oord) | Pluriform Love (Thomas Jay Oord) | Prophet or Madman (Bruce Adams) | Take Me to the Water (Starlette Thomas)


Faith & Film (Edward McNulty) | Jesus Revolution (Greg Laurie, Ellen Vaughn) | Sacred Theatre (Philip Yarrow) | TNT The New Theatre (Paul Stebbings, Phil Smith)