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The Urban Soul

The City is a dynamic
living narrative,
an unfolding autobiography.

Jo's, SoCo, Austin

A melding of countless
invisible stories;

Musician petting dog, SoCo, Austin

Not in words,
but in movement,
fear, desire, need, coupling—
the daily of living.

A street in Baltimore in April

The city seen is a narrative
painted upon the canvas
of the city invisible.

Woman waiting for the bus

The soul of the city
is found not in the narrative,
but in the illegible depths of the unseen city.

woman on phone, Shaker Heights Diner, Cleveland, OH

To think that the ‘painting
is the narrative
is delusional.

Euclid Avenue from Cleveland's Public Sqaure

For what is seen is but
an incomplete snapshot in time,
one fragment
of the ever-unfolding narrative.

Girl reading in Klyde Warren Park, Dallas, TX

Yet we delude ourselves
into believing
that we can arrange the narratives
of the "captured city"
into a college
called "The City."

Mean-Eyed Cat Bar, Austin

we convince ourselves
that the fiction we write
is the The City.

Historic Victory Grill at night, Austin

And the City
to exist.