Frank A. Mills


"The Stories I Could Tell"
Warda (Fayette County)

"The Stories I Could Tell"

I know absolutely nothing about this home, however I can't help but imagine that at one time a happy Wendish family lived here. I can imagine the family attending Holy Cross Lutheran Church, and after the service joining other families for a potluck lunch on the church grounds while the children socialized with their friends from Holy Cross School, trying their hardest not (or perhaps not) to get their Sunday-best dirty. Perhaps their dad owned one of the town's two general stores, or maybe he was the doctor.

One story that must be mentioned before we move on is that of the Warda Wild Woman. It is said a woman of advanced age is often seen walking along the road, sometimes in front of this house, during the late hours of the evening, sometimes into early morning. One has to wonder, that if the story is true, does she have a connection to this home? At the very least, as she has been walking for quite some years now, I am sure she must have given the children of the home a fright the first they experienced her walking by their house. The stories they must have told.

But there's one more, the Warda Devil. I can just imagine these children conjuring up the devil -- or perhaps a troll (didn't we all imagine trolls?) -- who lived under the bridge over Rabb Creek and running away screaming. It is said that this devil would wait for people to walk across the bridge, then jump out dressed in a Confederate uniform, and offer to buy their soul. Why a Confederate uniform? Because in this part of Texas the Wends were mostly opposed to the Confederacy during the Civil War.

Can't you just imagine the stories?

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