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Approaching Elgin, Texas

The mystique of Texas is larger than real life. Most think of Texas as wide open spaces populated by cowboys herding longhorns. In truth, Texas is so much more. There are so many stories that can be told through the weaving of images.

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And here are the latest Ineffable Texas photo-stories:
May 12, 2020

Not Just Any Door & Window

Not Just Any Door & Window
Their story in the First Person

Part of the "Ineffable Texas" Travelogue

A door is just a door, just as a window is just a window. But is a door just a door, or a window just a window? Sure doors and windows have their own beauty. But it is still just a door, still just a window. However, have you considered rather than a door being a mere door or window being mere window, that they have a story to tell? Not the story of how they came to be, but rather the story of who they are.

Listen to the story the door tells to the stories they tell.P

May 4, 2020

"A Detour at Pipe Creek"

"A Detour at Pipe Creek"

Part of the "Ineffable Texas" Travelogue

It is funny how plans change. The trip was planned as a jaunt to Bandera with a photo stop to Polly’s Settlement to the west of Pipe Creek. Except for maybe a photo or two we weren’t planning on spending any time in Pipe Creek. It turned out differently. A chance encounter detoured us.

[Join me in Pipe Creek]

May 1, 2020

Abandoned Industrial Building
(Llano, Texas)

"Doorway To Abandonment"

Walk through my doorway into the heart of what once was a vibrant manufacturing establishment bringing prosperity to a small Texas town. Think about how I.... [read more]

April 27, 2020

"A Photographer In Search of Junk"

"A Photographer In Search of Junk"

Part of the "Ineffable Texas" Travelogue

I guess it all started when I was a child. I know I certainly instilled it in my children— The Search for junk, that is. Junk just sits in a field, in a flea market, in a junk shop, and sometimes junk tries to past itself off as antique. Wherever it sits, it sits forlornly. Whatever it tries to pass itself off as, it is still junk.

Unless — it is not!

[Join me in my search for junk as I look for things to photograph ]

April 21, 2020

"Saratoga of the South"
Lampasas, Texas

"Saratoga of the South"

Part of the "Ineffable Texas" Travelogue

Casting about for what to post this week, I came across the journal of Arthur Francis describing a visit he and his wife, Lorena, made to the “Saratoga of the South’ – Lampasas, Texas – July 3 through July 6, 1892. It could be a true account, perhaps.

Journal Entry: July 3, 1892 | Aboard the eastbound train to Lampasas

According to my pocket watch it is a little past ten pm. The conductor just told us that we will be arriving shortly at the Lampasas Depot where we will debark. The train is scheduled to arrive at 10:30. Seems that we might be a bit early. I’m curious to visit this town that the Gulf, Colorado and Santa Fe grandly proclaims to be the “Saratoga of the South.” [Continue reading about The "Saratoga of the South"]

April 13, 2020

"In Search of Rust"

"In Search of Rust"

Part of the "Ineffable Texas" Travelogue

I am drawn to rust like a moth is drawn to fire. There’s something about rust that seduces me. Rust is fascinating. There’s an inherent beauty in rust. She paints her canvas with a palate of reds, purples, browns and blacks. My favorite, I think, are the shades of umber, ochre and sienna.

Rust has one aim--- to survive until she is no more. She only needs is a piece of ferrous metal, a bit moisture, and some air. The iron becomes her canvas; the moisture mixed with air, the paint; oxidation, her brush.

Some would say that Rust is a murderer. Not so, she is Mother Nature reminding us that from “dirt” we come and to dirt we shall return.

I can’t get away from photographing rust. Continue reading about my search for rust]

April 6, 2020

Kingsland, Texas

Antlers Hotel

Part of the "Ineffable Texas" Travelogue

The drummer stepped off the westbound Austin & Northwestern train onto the wet wooden platform, a carpetbag in one hand, a leather-sheathed cardboard sample case in the other, wishing he had booked another night in Austin at the Depot Hotel. He was glad it was only sprinkling when he walked the few blocks from his hotel to Austin’s Union Station. With a sigh he set both down, pulled his coat tighter around him in a useless attempt to set off the bone-chilling dampness of the evening .... [Continue reading about the Drummer and the Antlers Hotel"]

January 1, 2020

Warda, Texas

The Stories I Could Tell

I know absolutely nothing about this home, however I can't help but imagine that at one time a happy Wendish family lived here. I can imagine the family attending Holy Cross Lutheran Church, and after the service joining other families for a potluck lunch on the church grounds while the children socialized with.... [Read more about the children of this home.]

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