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Doc Snooker

I have no idea who Doc Snooker is, or was. But I bet my cowboy boots that Doc Snooker snookered a fair bit of folk. Hopefully not outstanding citizens like you or I, yet....

Those stories are for another time perhaps, for now there are other stories and word-thingies asking to be read.

P.S. I'm starting a-new here with this page, but that doesn't mean the stuff I've written before has been disposed of. It can still found by visiting my archive page, "Down the Rabbit Hole."

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And here are the latest stories & other word things (along with a bit of theory too):


January 1, 2020

In Youth

A Mysterious Playground

As a child my city neighborhood was a mysterious playground full of shadowy, beckoning adventures. “The Hollow” with its monkey vine infested woods and minnow stream, the small dark, woody spur of Leakin Park inhabited no doubt by child-stealers, and, of course, the prerequisite witch who lived at the end of my block.

The mystery, however, was not limited to my neighborhood alone. Given the freedom to ride.... [Read more about why I found my environs to be mysterious.]

Other Word Things

January 1, 2020

In Culture & Society

A Throw Away Society

We American's are a throw away society. The average American produces a little over 2000 pounds in a year's time ... we crave the latest and "best" .... Sadly, this, I think, has numbed our senses to a far worse throw away: people.[Read more about our throw away society.]

Why Stories?

January 1, 2020

In Storytelling: An essential lifeforce
[30 minute reading time]

Humans Need Stories

Humans need stories. Stories inform, educate, celebrate, and bring about change. We define and redefine ourselves through the telling of stories. Without our story we would cease to exist. Stories give meaning to our name, who we are individually and collectively in society.

Human memory is not fact processed, but story processed. One part of our memory ... [Continue reading about why we humans need stories.]