Frank A. Mills

Coca-Cola dispenser
"Drink Coca-Cola"
How can you not love an old soda fountain complete with an old fashion Coca-Cola dispenser, along with a Coca-Cola napkin dispenser. And don't overlook that green milk shake mixer hidden in the corner. Metallic rag paper will make the red in this photo pop. The scene is from an old fashion, still in operation soda fountain in Glen Rose, Texas
Open Edition
15 x 10
Metallic Rag Paper
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There are so many things that catch my eye. Sometimes it's subject material. Sometimes it's the color. Often it is hard to say what actually caught my eye. I think that is particularly true for me when it comes to my "still life" photography. I am not sure what it is that catches my eye, but more often than not composition – as I see it in my mind – plays a significant role in it.
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