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Alice Falling Down the Rabbit Hole
Image Credit: Jan LaComte

I've called the archives page, "Down the Rabbit Hole," because the reader never knows what they're going to discover as explore the "Rabbit Hole." Over the years I have done a good bit of writing. The goal of the "Archives" is to collect some of that. As you scroll down the titles, please bear in mind that even if some of the pieces appear to be dated, I believe that there is something worth reading in the piece. That's why I posted it.

By the way, I will be adding to the archives as I reformat older pieces. An occasional title may be linked to the original article.

The archive list is a simple alphabetical listing by category, with a brief description of each piece. A few may be listed in more than one category. If there are related pieces, I've tried to note the link. As always, if you have comments or thoughts, I would love to hear them

Broken Grace | Celtic Christianity | Down the Rabbit Hole | Open Theology

My special thanks to Jan LeComte for graciously allowing me to use her fantastic drawing of Alice falling down the rabbit hole. [Sharpie pen & acrylics on watercolor paper]

We live in a broken, fragmented world. Yet in the midst of the brokenness are hints of grace reminding us that we live in a world that is alive and in flux; hints of grace that remind us that we too are alive and changing.

"Come I Before the Lord"

The Table

We don"t come to the table to fight or to defend.
We don"t come to prove or to conquer,
To draw lines in the sand or to stir up trouble.

We come to the Table
Our hunger brings us there.

We come to the Table – the Eucharist – for so many reasons. This piece of prose is all about the "why" of coming to the Table. I invite you to join me at the Table.

"Bandera Wilderness"
Bandera County, TX

Living in the Borderlands

Are you willing to be sponged out, erased, canceled, made nothing? Are you willing to be made nothing? Dipped into oblivion? If not you will never really change. -D. H. Lawrence

Erased, cancelled, made nothing, dipped into oblivion — This is what living in the Borderlands is all about. But what does that mean?

While God Rested

While God rested ...
Corporations, politicians and religious folk
Saw with greedy eyes all that God created,
The Universe,
The Earth,
And her inhabitants,
And said....

If you want to know what was said you will need to read "While God Rested.

“The Good Samaritan”
Aimé Morot (1880)

The Good Samaritan: A Modern Retelling

Today, Jesus would tell the same story a bit different. The man asking the question would a person seeking to justify himself, perhaps a self-righteous Christian. The man robbed and beaten would undoubtedly be someone of Christian religious bearing. Read the rest of of how Jesus might tell the story.

There is a strain of never-ending harmony that sings throughout all Creation imbibing it with her holiness and wholeness.

But alas, the Song seems to have vanished.

That song of harmony is at the very core of Celtic Christianity.

"New Day Dawning"

The Oran Mór
The Never Ending Song

The primordial myth of Creation, common to all peoples, tells of a mighty melody – the very breath of God – that sang Creation into existence. To the Celts of old she was known as the The Oran Mór, “The Great Melody,” a melody that did not cease with the initial creation, but goes on and on and on, inspiring Creation along her holy pilgrimage of giving and receiving blessing. But, alas, we live in an age that no longer hears, or even listens for, the primordial melody. We live amidst soul-less science and a life-less religion, each noisily clamoring to be heard above the other as the Song of Life. It is an age marked by fragmented, in your face, individualism: an individualism so tumultuous that it .... [Read more about the song that creates harmony.]

"Minutes to Midnight"

The Once Upon A Time

The ancient Celtic peoples had an interesting concept of time, a concept where the past, present and future are present in the present moment. In "The Once Upon A Time" we explore a concept of time that we would all do well to heed. [Read about the song that creates harmony.]

"After the Storm"

The Celebration of Creation

The Celtic peoples believed that the world was brought into being so that through the study of it, the character of the Creator may become known. Thus, creation was viewed as a gift to be revered and managed, not subdued and controlled. As a gift, creation was for all: The animals of the field, the birds of the air and the fish of the sea, as well as for humankind. It was to be shared not exploited.

The Celtic Celebration of Creation is vital to understand if we are ever going to reverse the destruction of Creation.

"Credit: Dan Westfall"

Holiness Spelled With A "W"

All we really need to know about Celtic Christianity is that she’s about holiness spelled with a “w;” exactly what contemporary Christianity seems largely to have forgotten. Christianity is about both wholeness and holiness. Celtic Christianity, if she does nothing else, calls the Church back to (w)holeness with the emphasis on the “h.”

What does that mean for us, for the world? To explore that question take a look at how Celtic Christianity understands "holiness.

"Woven Fractals"

The Celtic Worldview

If one were to need a word to sum up the entirety of the Celtic world view, it could be nothing else than "wholeness." The Celtic world view is a one that informs the entirety of life, the entirety of living. It is then to our advantage to discover what comprises the Celtic world view, or if you will, Celtic spirituality.

Read more about what it means to live in a world that is a woven wholeness.

Adventure, surrealism, fantasy ...
Illogical logic … nonsense ... truth
Irreverent reverence.
Ah Ha! moments all.

Let's be honest with ourselves! Theology is blurry. It is shaky. It's man-made. As such "theology" as we know it is dogma— An absolute something or other that has been pushed upon us. Theology is "God-study." True theology comes from our personal God-experiences. For how else can we do "God-study"? At best theology is a mix of knowing and not-knowing. For it to be real (and applicable) it must always be speculative and progressive. After all, we continually experience God afresh.

A Five Part Series

The Theology of Popeye

Popeye is loaded with theology. Is Popeye Jewish? Is he G-d when he utters, "I yam what I yam"? At the very least, he is "Everyman." And then there's Butto, Olive Oyl, Wimpy, and Sweet Pea. A five-part series. Part Five is coming soon in 2020. The only way you will find out if Pop-Eye is G-d, or maybe not, is to read the series.

Old Christian Universalist (denomination) Cross

A Basic Christian Universalist Theology

I've been doing some rereading from the “fathers” of Christian Universalism and have been thinking about what I believe as a Christian Universalist with feet in both Presbyterianism and Celtic Christianity. What follows is a rough draft of where my thinking is moving. It is both speculative and progressive— And for the Evangelical Christian controversial, if not heretical. Heretical or not, you can read my thinking here.


If I Were G-d, I Would ...

A study of Micah 6:6-8 and the Hebrew words, Halakhah (הֲלָכָה), meaning “To walk as G-d,” and Kavanah (כַּוָּנָה), which is best translated as an "attention to imitating," from a Jewish perspective. That perspective is much deeper than the Christian


All Theology is Man Made

I have been so taken back with all of this nonsense coming out of mouths from some right-wing Evangelicals about how so and so is the Antichrist and how the world is going to end shortly that I have to make a comment.

First of all, no theology is biblical, period! Theology – the study of God – is exactly that, humans trying to understand God within their own preconceived context. Yes, every brand of theology uses Scripture to support their particular dogma, nevertheless, the interpretation is still arrived at through human-made criteria. As you read more remember that "dogma" spelled backwards is "am god.".