I Create for your enjoyment...
But it is nice to sell something too!

1931 Ford Deluxe Sedan in from of Waxahachie Feed, Texas

Let's start with fine art prints...

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Almost all of my images are available until sold as limited edition fine art prints (usually limited to ten prints). Each comes numbered and signed inverso and with a Certificate of Authenticity, which includes type of ink and print media used. I price upon request.

These days everyone is taking pictures and posting them everywhere on social media, and of course everyone is saying how beautiful they are and telling the photographer that they ought to sell them. Maybe they should. I certainly want to sell mine.

What I believe truly distinguishes my work from a lot of what's out there, is that my images are fine art. I don't say that lightly, for defining fine art images is an elusive thing. However, I do believe that my images are fine art, even the pop art ones.

Simply put, fine art images are art created in accordance with the perceptions and emotions of the artist as photographer.

Fine art images stand in contrast to representational photography, which is about digitally recording a subject. A fine art image does not produce purist photos that record the scene exactly as it appears at a precise moment in time, nor is a fine art image primarily about post-processing effects.

A fine art image is about capturing what the artist-photographer sees, not what the camera sees, nor what digital pre-sets produce. With fine art images the camera and imagining software are merely tools akin to the painter’s brush.

Ansel Adams, perhaps said it best, “Art implies control of reality, for reality itself possesses no sense of the aesthetic. Photography becomes art when certain controls are applied.”

Fine art images goes beyond the literal representation of the subject. It expresses the feelings and vision of the photographer, and most importantly, reveals an image that is the creation of the artist that flows from the artist’s vision.

Lastly, fine art images deserve to be printed in a way that preserves the fine art quality of the image. This includes the ink used, the media that the print rests upon, and even the printer (both the human and the tool).

If you are going to invest in a fine art print, the final product needs to be just that in every way. It also needs to be of high archival quality and finished in a way that will preserve the print.

It is for this very reason that I do not sell any prints through the online vendors. I want full control of the process.

I want to work with you when you purchase a print to make sure you get exactly you want and that its fits your use. To this end I will make suggestions as to size and print media and finishing. Obviously this all effects the price of the print. But you will know the breakdown so that you can make an informed decision.

Pricing upon request. (Purchasing an image does not allow for copies to be made of that print without written permission.)

Licensing Images & Writing

Being able to license one of my images or written pieces that appear on WORDS + IMAGES really boils down to how they will be use. The fee will depend upon that use. All licensing, if granted, is for a specified use use. I reserve all rights. I rarely license or sell a digital image outright.

I will be more than happy to discuss licensing with you. Please contact me.

Sheffield Lake, Ohio
January, 30, 2022