We Come To The Table...

The Eucharist
The Eucharist
Image Credit: Frank Mills
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We don"t come to the table to fight or to defend.
We don"t come to prove or to conquer,
To draw lines in the sand or to stir up trouble.

We come to the Table
Our hunger brings us there.
We come needy.
With fragility,
With an admission of our humanity.

The Table—
The great equalizer,
The level playing field.

The Table—
The place where the doing ends,
The trying stops,
The masques are removed.

The Table—
Where like children
We allow ourselves to be nourished,
We allow Someone else to meet our need.

The Table—
In a world that takes pride in not having needs,
On going longer and faster,
On going without,
On powering through

The Table—
A place of safety
Of rest
Of humanity

The Table—
Where we are allowed to be
As fragile as we are.

- Frank A. Mills (2023)