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Guitar Fire

"Guitar Fire"

"Guitar Fire"

There is creativity and there is CREATIVITY. The first is that general sort of creative endeavor— That creativity with which I work on my images. CREATIVITY, on the other hand, is that creativity which knows no boundaries, follows no rules, and leads the artist on a merry wander through this or that expression of an image— deviant, upstart expressions all!

I invite you to join me as I let CREATIVITY take me on her merry jaunt. There are reflections and layers, some graphic art and some light-paintings, and photo-noir.
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  • Tyson's Tacos, Austin, TX


    "Drive In"

    Larger View
  • Betty Boop


    Betty Boop

  • New Day


    "New Day Dawning"

  • sunlight



  • Dark Night on the Street


    The Flats, Cleveland