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Traveling the Varicose Ribbons:
Majestic Ohio

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Old Peninsula Post Office
Old Peninsula, Ohio Post Office
Majestic denotes having an impressive beauty or dignity. That's Majestic Ohio! Majestic Ohio documents Ohio's beauty and dignity through photography. And while everything portrayed in this gallery may not appeal to your sense of beauty, each image speaks to her dignity. This is a new project initiated since moving back to Ohio from Texas.

From her big cities, with their distinctive neighborhoods, to her historic small towns, and along the roads in between, Ohio is majestic beauty, welcoming charm and unexpected adventure. Rivers, roads (many following old Native American trails) and steel rails connected Ohio in the past, as they still do today. Along these rivers and trails, and later the steel rails, a young, mostly settled on the East Coast , America forged out of the terrain farms and nascent towns to serve farmers, move produce to the East, and create industry.

With our rush to and fro, hurrying to get to our destinations or arrive home, we often fly right by Ohio's beauty, history and charms. Majestic Ohio seeks to remedy in a small way, our loss, by traveling and exploring the byways of Ohio, discovering her lyrical stories and sharing them photographically.
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