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Old Tractor & Barn Round Rock, Texas
"Old Tractor & Barn"
Round Rock, Texas

While wandering about on day in Georgetown, Texas I came across what could only be described as a 'tractor heaven." Old tractors, farm implements, road equipment; all in various states of rusting away. Even a couple old stDISTORTED REALITYm tractors. Almost everything was missing parts. The owner, a gentleman well in his late 80s told me that everything was for sale, or could even be rented for a movie set. We said that a lot of movie companies rented the old equipment, while other purchased to add ambiance to a restaurant, music venue, or other venues. I spent hours on several occasions photographing the pieces. Some of those photos are found in this gallery along with others that I've come across, like the old shovel in the middle of a quarry pond.

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