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'Junkyard Relics'

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31 Deluxe Ford, Waxahachie Feed, Texas class=
'31 Deluxe Ford
Waxahacie, Texas

I like junk—junk of all sorts. I go to great lengths to hunt junk out. Junkyards and dusty old garages draw me in. I am always on the lookout for junked cars and trucks, anything that one transported people. As you'll see, there's even a few airplanes and boats.

When it comes to vehicles, it's not only the relics that attract me. I like shiny, restored stuff too. It always amazes mw what someone who has the skill can bring back to life.

In "Junkyard Relics" I share images of some of these finds. And as always, most images are available for purchase as limited editions.

I invite you to join me in my world of photographic “Junkyard Relics."

Sheffield Lake, Ohio

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