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'Junkyard Relics'

'Fill 'er up?'

Abandoned & Repurposed Gas Stations & Auto Shops

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Old gas station, now museum, Kirtland, Ohio
Lake Metroparks, Kirtland, Ohio

Twice in my life, I've worked in a gas station. Once as a teen, and then as an adult between church positions. Full service, changing tires, checking the oil and the tire air, even a bit of mechanical work—what strikes me most though, is that those sort of gas stations no longer exist. Even the messy old auto shop that reeked of gasoline and oil and metal shavings are few and far between.

Here you will find photos of some of those old style gas stations, along with a few auto shops, and maybe a few old (and perhaps abandoned) auto dealerships.

Here too, your memories of those old gas stations where someone asked, "Fill 'er up?" will have you saying, "Yes, please. Check under the hood too, please."

P.S. There are some gasoline and oil related images to be found in the Boxcar Tourist Gallery.

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