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'Divine Relics'

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3The Church in the Vale, San Simeon, CA class=
'The Church in the Vale'
San Simeon, California

There's something that stirs my soul when I come upon a place of worship. It makes no difference if it is simple and plain or majestic. When it is a place of worship I feel her joy. When it is abandoned I feel her sadness. I seek to capture that spirit in my "Divine Edifices" images.

When I come upon a cross and other divine artifacts in a junk shop or abandoned in a cemetery, I wonder about its story and how it got to where it is. Divine statues usually tell a story, but not always, and rarely the full story. The wonderful thing about divine relics is that they often give flow to our own stories, our memories. I hope that my images will do so.

Cemeteries are both a place of sadness and celebration. You will find memorials, and often the regular place of new flowers, toys, and flags as part of the memorial. The headstones more often that not embody words that celebrate the decease's life and "homecoming." But not every grave has a memorial, and not every grave is tended. Some are neglected, while others have been abandoned. I cannot help but wonder way. Some of course from distant times. But why did their families eventually forget them? Did the move elsewhere? Do they no longer care? Or has the line died out? These are the questions I ask myself as I wander a cemetery. I invite you to join me in my world of “divine Relics Frank
Sheffield Lake, Ohio

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