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'31 Deluxe Ford Sedan
RTA at Michael's Diner
Shaker Square, Cleveland<

I grew up during the age of streetcars. As a child I took the streetcars most everywhere. To Cub Scouts, church, shopping, even to the dentist. At first it was with my mom, but by fourth grade I was riding by myself along the streets of Baltimore. The subway came late to Baltimore, but not the commuter train.

Visiting often, subways and elevated railways I experienced in New York City. And then Boston during grad school. Not only subways and Els, but also the commuter train from my home on Cape Ann to Boston and back.

Today, Cleveland is nearby: Heavy Rail and Light Rail, even an underground station. I do miss the old shaker Rapid which I rode often when living in Akron in the 70s. Now I live on the old Lake Shore Electric Railway right-of-way. The Cleveland to Lorain section served as a commuter line between those two cities, as well as a quick ride to the beach. There’s talk of a new commuter line between Lorain and Cleveland. There has been such talk for years, but maybe now is the time. I surely hope so. I’d rather take the train into Cleveland than drive.

In my travels when I get the chance, I ride the heavy rail and light rail, or even the trolley if one exists. This album shares some images from those rides.

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