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'Rods, Drivers & Wheels'
"Rods, Drivers & Wheels"

Train train train I've got a thing about trains
I get a sad kind of feeling when I see a passenger train

In this fast movin' world that we live in nobody rides 'em much these days
Maybe I'm a little sentimental cause I know that things have to change
But I'd still like to go for a train ride cause I've got a thing about trains

-Johnny Cash                                        

I can’t sing like Johnny Cash, but like Johnny Cash, I have thing about trains. I see a train and I want to hop aboard. And while it might be easier to hop on a passenger train, there is that yearning to hop a freight car, or ride in a locomotive, or when they still existed, a caboose.

Trains are in my blood. I often rode the rails between Baltimore and New York City as a very young child in my mom’s arms. I rode the train between Baltimore and Washington just for fun. I've traveled Amtrak, and rode a few tourist trains too.

I’ve been one of those fortunate few who has been privileged to ride in a moving steam an diesel locomotives, sit in a caboose, and climb over cars.

What disappoints me is that there are few pictures from my days of train riding. I wish there were. It can be said that this website is my attempt to make for that lack—Certainly, this album is.

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