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'Dabbs Hotel'
"Dabbs Hotel"

When I was a kid we took my Grandmother to White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia for a week stay at the Chesapeake & Ohio's majestic Greenbriar Hotel. We drove. Don't know why she didn't take the train.

Nana at the hotel, meant that I got to explore the hotel. I think we stayed one night. After that I was always pushing for an overnight stay at a majestic railroad hotel like the Greenbriar. It never happened, at least not as a child.

Truth is, there were not many railroad hotels as majestic as the Greenbriar, but once many not-so-majestic railroad existed. And for the train crews there was often a smaller trackside hotel offering rooms and meals. Some these were run by the YMCA and were found at many railroad division points.

While living in Texas, the old Texas & Houston Central Antlers Hotel in Kingsland came onto the market. This old hotel along the Colorado River/LBJ Lake, although now privately owned, was still functioning as a B&B. In our price range we decided to check it out. It didn't work out, but it also led to use to discover the Dabb's Hotel in Llano across from the old H&TC yards. The Dabbs, now a B&B, once served mostly trains crews

These visits renewed by interest in railroad and Railroad Y.M.C.A hotels, and the restaurants attached. Although still in its nascent stages, this album will feature images on railroad hotels and their kin, as I discover them.

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