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'Ghosts of the Past' Union Station, Galveston, Texas
"Ghosts of the Past"
Union Station, Galveston, Texas

Depots – large and small – ghosts of the past. Relics of a day gone by.

Just think of those stories depot walls could tell us. Not all would be from days gone by, some from these days too. After all, some depots still host passengers, while others have been repurposed. I do wonder though, if repurposing a depot dulls her stories of an era when rail travel was a frequent occurrence?

I love visiting depots, trying to conjure up the stories. I am content to stand along an overgrown right-of-way and listen. Not only at the old depot where the train no longer passes, or if it does, roars by with out pausing. I will sit in an active depot and wonder where those milling around me are heading, and why.

Inactive or active, I still hear the station agent’s, “Now Arriving!” “Now Boarding!” The conductor’s, “All Aboard.”

While I am content to imagine, I'd much rather be one of those boarding.

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