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'Walkin' the Rails,' Me walking along a park railroad track
Walking' the Rails

What child doesn't want to ride on a park train? I did (and still do). That's me in the photo. I have no idea where, but I am most certainly wanting to ride that train. I am told that as a young child I rode park trains whenever they were around. I do remember riding the B&O trains, both steam and diesel in Baltimore's Gwyn Oak Park. I remember too, the little train at Tolchester Beach. My mom told me when visiting a place with a little train that's where I first wanted to go. I wish I could remember the others.

When my children were young, they often rode on park trains, little and large. I wish I had taken pictures of those trains. Park trains are a dying breed. So few still exist these days. Hopefully, I can still find a few and capture them in photo while they do exist.

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