Don't Put Your Prints in An Album
Use then as Décor

photo in frame        

What makes fine art photography as décor so unique is that it is an art form that captures a particular moment, emotion or sentiment through a photo of something "real." Much of art is subjective and often abstract, and certainly fine art photography can be that, more often fine art photography prints are “true to life” images that depict beauty and emotion in everyday life, according to the artist-photographer's vision.

Utilizing fine art photography as a decorative statement in your home or office is a great way to show off your personal style and to make a statement with your décor. Adding a few fine pieces of fine art photography throughout your home or office will make a world of difference when decorating. For example, a large, blank wall will become incredibly chic if the right piece is displayed. Remember you want each piece to make a statement without clashing with your décor. For example, if your décor is subtle, bold is okay if it doesn’t stand out too much from the rest of your home décor.

Another great idea is to have an entire wall full of strategically place fine art photos, perhaps as a collage or triptych, that guests can enjoy browsing while they visit. Remember too, that there are a wide-range fine art photography print options besides fine art photo paper. There’s watercolor and textured papers, canvas, acrylic, wood, metal, to name just a few. Sometimes rather than a simple fine art print. a special photo printed on, say, corrugated metal makes a special statement.

And while you are thinking about how to use fine art photo prints as décor, don't over look how print media and texture will fit into the look you are hoping to achieve. We can help you find the right images and formats for your home or office.