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Main Street | Houston, Texas

"The ordinary practitioners of the city ... make use of spaces that cannot be seen; their knowledge of them is a blind as that of lovers in each others' arms. The paths that correspond in this intertwining, an unrecognized poem in which each body is an element signed by many others, excludes legibility" -- Michel de Certeau in "The Practice of Everyday Life"
What is "soul"? Perhaps we best find our answer in the Hebrew word for soul, nephesh, literally, "breathing;" in other words, that which is intrinsically living, vital. The then, "soul" is that which breathes life into a place. It is the holy breath of a place that makes a space a place.
It is the city and her practitioners that informs all of my urban photography, whether portraiture or street.

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May 14, 2020

Living in the Shadows
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Living in the Shadows of Society

Part of the "Urban Soul"

Millions of humans live in the shadow of society. They live in our midst, but remain invisible to most, by our choice, not theirs. If we do happen to see them, they are repugnant to us. They're people who we've made marginal in our ignoring and berating. These are people, yes, who march to a different drum than the societal norm. Sometimes society has provided no choice. Yet, they are people who are, but for a different set of circumstances. just like you and I. People, who like you and I are God’s children.

In this photo-piece, I seek to bring some of these folk out of the shadows into the daylight.

April 22, 2020

"A Walk on the Eastside"
Austin, Texas
In Urban Soul Photo-Stories

"A Walk on the Eastside"
Austin, Texas

A "Urban Soul Post

“Did you just take my picture?” she demands, face in my face. “No,” I reply, “No one except Art’s.” “I saw you point the camera up the street at me,” she challenges. “A picture of Manny’s – just that – is all I took.” Satisfied, she walked back to join the others on the corner; a gathering place for those with time on their hand and a bottle to share.

All the while Art continues to sketch my likeness. He tells me as he sketches....[Continue reading about my walk on the Eestside of Austin]

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