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Throw-A-Way Society

We're all human, aren't we? Every human life is worth the same, and worth saving. -- J. K. Rowling

We American's are a throw away society. The average American produces a little over 2000 pounds in a year's time, much of which is recyclable, yet isn't. Not only do we throw a way trash we frequently dispose of something "old" for something newer, even when the old thing works quite fine. Madison Avenue certainly plays on that trend, just think of how we crave the latest and "best" cell phones or wide screen televisions. Sadly, this, I think, has numbed our senses to a far worse throw away: people.

Humans have become a commodity, whether it is in the sex trade or in what we call "economic capital." When we make humans into a commodity it because easy to throw them away when they no longer have no value to us. It is good that we are finally taking notice of sex trafficking and sweat shop labor. It is easy to feel disgust and want to do something about it. Perhaps because it doesn't directly involve us? But what about the immigrants being thrown away at the borders, or the homeless being thrown away on our streets? Or the children in our own country living in abject poverty, or people who daily because of lack of adequate health care, because politicians play games? To politicians, "throw aways" are pawns to be used to capture the bigger prize. And unfortunately, for many of us, these throw away folk are rubbish getting in the way of what ever we imagine to be better.

Therefore, we hide behind our self-cDistorted Realityted repugnance toward the homeless.

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