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Confections of Consumerism

'Societal Layers'

To get the consumer to buy it, it is all about the presentation. This gallery looks at how some products or businesses present themselves to the consumer.

One of these images below was in a shop window. Which image presentation appeals to you? From the image can you tell the nature of the business?

red lips zombi red rose

The first image is the original. When I showed these three image to women, a surprising number selected the third image, as did a good bit of the men.

This image was in another window:

red nails

Another. This from the window of a shop selling furs:

fur advertisements in window

What I found interesting was the juxtaposition of "Saga" and "American Legend." (Look closely, you'll see it.) The American legend/saga (myth?) of course, is that every woman deserves a fur.

For those not into furs, both "Saga" and "American Legend" are fur companies. These days both companies have divvied up the international fur market, selling in different countries.

Ironically, the fur shop was located in a neighborhood where most residents could not afford a fur without great sacrifice. This photo was taken a good 15 years ago, and then it was faded. It is still in the window today, becoming all the more faded. And yes, the shop is still selling furs.