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The New Year's Eve Dance

The Mouse's New Year's Eve Ball

It was New Year's Eve. Instead of going out to party I made the choice to stay home and usher the new year in with a good mystery book. With a thimble of whiskey I settled in my favorite Reading chair and soon became engrossed with a mystery that ironically began began years ago on a different New Year's Eve. As I Read I kept thinking, "I am hearing music." But I had no music on and there was no mention of music in the book. And neighbors were far and few.

Still, the music continued. "Is my hearing going?" I wondered. "Too much whiskey? Nope, only a thimble full.

Finally, putting the book down I got up to investigate. Listening, it seemed like it was coming from inside the wall. From the bottom of wall. Getting on my hands and knees to place my ear to the wall I discovered a mouse hole.

Looking inside...

I discovered the Mouse's New Year's Eve Ball.

As I looked, this one couple danced so sweetly.With such adoration she looked up at her partner. He was so stately, unabashedly proud of dancing companion. I just had to take their photograph so that we too might enjoy the Mouse's New Year's Eve Ball.
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