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Every image is full of stories. Some are quite obvious. Others need to be told by the photographer. And others are know only to the viewer. No matter, every embedded story is part of our collective memories. Each has a contribution to make to who we are as a people. [Gentle Hint: Don't forget about Stories (and Other Word Things).] Many of the stories found there are accompanied by an image or two.

And here are the latest photo-stories:
January 1, 2020

Heartbreak Hotel
Duncan, Oklahoma
In Varicose Ribbons Photo-Stories

Heartbreak Hotel

Was there ever really a Heartbreak Hotel? Perhaps. Was there a man so lonely that he could die? Maybe.

Is this building the original Heartbreak Hotel?

The folks in Duncan, Oklahoma believe so. In fact, according to the Duncan Chamber of Commerce, it was the hotel* in the (now) Henderson Building that served as the inspiration for Elvis’ first hit, “Heartbreak Hotel.” Some go so far as to claim that the lyrics were written inside the hotel .... [Continue reading about why the Henderson may indeed be (or not be) the original "Heartbreak Hotel."]

January 1, 2020

Warda, Texas
In Texas Photo-Stories

The Stories I Could Tell

I know absolutely nothing about this home, however I can't help but imagine that at one time a happy Wendish family lived here. I can imagine the family attending Holy Cross Lutheran Church, and after the service joining other families for a potluck lunch on the church grounds while the children socialized with.... [Read more about the children of this home.]

January 1, 2020

S.P Wood-Sheaved Boxcar
In Railroad Photo-Stories

A Boxcar Tourist

I have a love affair with anything that runs on tracks. I can't even remember when it started. Truthfully, I think it is in my genes. When I was about thirteen I entered the world of "boxcar tourism ...."

This is the story I tell with the introduction to my my Boxcar Tourist (railroad) photography page[Read about my introduction into Boxcar Tourism.]