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Feature Image Page


"Coffee Corner"

Navigating the Feature Image Page

When you open the page for the first time, images may appear to jump around as they load. This is part of the loading process.

Each featured image has its title and a bit information about the image displayed. The left column provides information about the edition, suggested sizes, print media, and prices. The suggested sizes and media are what I think makes image stand out. However, most prints are available in other sizes and media.

To view a larger version, click on the image. To return to the "Feature" page, use your browser back button.

To see the full gallery, click on "More (images) here." To return to the home page, click on the "Frank A. Mills Photography" logo.

Gallery Page


"Granger Barn"

Navigating the Gallery Page

Moving your mouse over the image will give you image title and information. Clicking on the image will open the image to a larger view. Use your browser back button to return to the page.

To return to the "Feature" page, click the feature logo. To return to the home page use the menu or click on the "Frank A. Mills Photography" logo at the bottom of the page.

Almost all the images within each gallery are available for purchase. Please read here for more information about prints and print media.



"Haw Creek Chapel"

The Image You See: Not All Monitors Are Created Equal

Although the image you see in your monitor is going to be fairly close to the actual print, there are a few variables:

  • Monitors do not always interpret colors accurately, or with definition between shades of color.
  • Monitors often do not display the same resolution that the is used when the image is printed. Thus the display image may not appear as defined as the actual print will be.