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The Last Musician
The Last Musician
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The Last Musician

"I consoled the empty walls
Their loneliness is all my fault
Because I'm the only one who wastes away 'round here
Content to hang" (from "Stranger" lyrics)

This fine, but sad, gent played alone, a tear trickling down his face, in an empty building wondering where everyone had gone. Little did he know that his fine surrounding, once a railroad hotel, then a Mexican restaurant had been sold to be replaced by a high rise. (Austin, Texas)

Read my piece about this railroad hotel and others along the Austin & Northwestern Railroad. The hotel was know as the "Depot Hotel" (found at end of article). [This link will take you to the "Trackside Photographer" website.]

The Depot Hotel (Carmelo's Restaurant), Austin
The Depot Hotel Front Entrance
[Carmelo's Restaurant when photo was taken.]