Frank A. Mills

Fine Art Photography

"Iconic Americana"

Texas Plaza, Decatur, Texas
Texas Plaza, Decatur, Texas
[Petrified Wood Façade]
To discover Iconic America we must wander America's varicose ribbons. Wandering the varicose ribbons takes us through a rapidly vanishing countryside, through nearly vanished hamlets and once grand main streets. Our wandering takes by roadside attractions and tourist traps fallen on hard times, gasping eateries and filling stations, a rapidly vanishing landscape.

Today we are poorer for not not having the experience. We need to be wanders, and when we become wanderers and have a discovered the richness of our land, we are the better for it. At least I know I am.

"Iconic American Fine Art Photography is a photographic collection of images of places and things characteristic of the American Culture as a whole. While to some, nostalgic, is not meant to be such. Americana Revival Fine Art Photography is not about reviving the old times. It is, however, about making our history, folklore and cultural heritage important once again— Important to our well-being as Americans. Iconic American Fine Art Photography reminds us of where we have come from, and provides hints for a sustainable future."

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