Frank A. Mills

Fine Art Photography


"Ulterior Design"
(Lorena, Texas)

Over the past year my photography has evolved in two directions, both in technique and theme. Technique-wise my more traditional work has become more watercolor looking in style, while my contemporary modern has moved toward high structuralization and deep saturation. Theme-wise, my fine art photography has evolved into images that capture the landscape and those who (or what) moves upon it. My contemporary modern, while still fine art, has moved toward what might be labled, "Upstart Modern, with little concern avout the so-called "rules" of photography. It is in the process becoming more deviant.

I have also been experimenting with print media throughout 2019. I have come to the place where rarely print anything on pure canvas or regular photo paper any longer. Heavy art papers, such as watercolor and metalic paper, or even metal, wood, or glass have become medium of choice. No longer do I recommend framing or mounted canvas. For example, I much more prefer watercolor paper mounted on colored birch canvas board with a floating mount or thick backing frame matched to the color of the birch canvas board.

Another area of doing things differently is that now that everything I have print is of archival quality. I am also moving in the direction of limiting most print to one print only (or a very limited of no more than ten). When it is sold, it is sold. If you see something you like, act quickly.

Over the next months as I post new work in each gallery, the old will begin to disappear until each gallery reflects the current evolution of my images.

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