Varicose Ribbon

Ineffable Texas

  • Dec 10, 2018

I can’t get away from it!

As much as I enjoy a wide variety of photographic subjects, as well as being creative with my work, I still am drawn to the varicose ribbons of America and that which lies along them. Much of it is a way of life rapidly disappearing and I feel a need to preserve as much of it as possible. Although I would love to physically restore much of what I find, I can’t. I don’t have financial resources. What I can do however, is preserve it as an image. Hopefully, an image that will both tell a story and make us want to know the story.

I had once started this “preservation,” but got a way from it. It is time to come back to it. Being that I now live in Texas, the logical place to begin the “preservation” is Texas.

The old “Vanishing Texas” website is being as “Ineffable Texas.” The new “Ineffable Texas” will be a photographic journal of my travels along the varicose ribbons of Texas.

Other states as they are photographed will still be posted to my main photography page.

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Varicose Ribbons