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Hutto, Tx building side

"Side Entrance"

Fascinated by Simplicity

I am fascinated by the simplicity of this image. Simple straight line architecture and an angled street curve, accented by sago palms, one straight-trucked tree, and a curvy bench. In a more general sense there is something about architecture grabs my mind. It makes no difference where it is to be found, although it is the architecture of the small town that most often catches my eye and plays with my senses. For me, the greytones (or more technically, the selenium tones) heighten the impact.

The color image below, to my eye appears washed out and blah. Even if were to saturate the colors, it is just becomes. I think, "jump out" blah. I could probably make it work in color if I did a lot of manipulating, but why do so when the selenium version works so much better?

Hutto, Tx building side in color

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Varicose Ribbons

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