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A Photographer's Journal"

Morris Ranch Hotel Door

"Morris Ranch Hotel Door"

Isn't a journal suppose to be updated regularly? Well, Coup d'Oeil was getting pretty dusty. No updates for ages. So let's try again. Let me say before we go too far, that far too much catches my eye. That's of course why this journal is named "Coup d'Oiel." Simply high-flatulent French for "caught my eye." To be honest, far too much catches my eye. Some of it good. some of it mediocre, and some of it just plain awful. Can't really talk about that stuff on my photography pages – people go there to look at photos – but I can talk about it here.

And— I do like to wander and I do like to play with the images my camera catches.

So dear viewer, this is my journal. It is also where I get to play. Please bear with me, there might actually be something of value here. At the very least, you will get to know the weird ways my photographic mind works.

So please follow along if you will. Journal postings are by date. There is also a rough thematic index. By the way, I am beginning from scratch. so there won't too much here to start.
About Me

"Lone Tree"
[Skyline Drive, VA]

About me as a Photographer

Being a curious wander with a questioning mind from birth, my eyes seek always what lays hidden yet important. I’m always asking questions with an acute observation to the mysteries of life.

I have been around photography since a baby. By the time I was in elementary school I had my own simple box camera, I was experimenting with pinhole cardboard boxes and blueprint paper exposed to the sun. Added to the adventure was a darkroom in the cellar. [Continue Reading.]


"Approaching Carmine"
[Fayette County, TX]
In Wandering

Travelling the Varicose Ribbons

Someone once said, "The destination is the journey." I disagree. The best journey has no fixed destination. It goes where the adventure leads and never arrives at the destination. Each arrival is nothing but a destination discovered only upon arrival. Each arrival is but a stop along the adventure. Please join with me as I explore the "Varicose Ribbons".

The only way to learn is to read and look. I do both— a lot of it. Here I share my thoughts on books and other things that have influenced my photography. (Review Listing)

"Phil Smith"

Mythogeography Revisited

A review in Two Parts

A review from a photographer's perspective of THE ARCHITECT-WALKER: A Mis-Guide, (Wrights & Sites, Triarchy Press, June 2018) and RETHINKING MYTHOGEOGRAPHY in Northfield, Minnesota, (John Schott & Phil Smith, Triarchy Press, 2018). In "Part 1" I explore the idea of mythogeography as a tool to disrupt the status quo. In "Part 2" I apply it to my own thinking about photography. Exploring how mythogeography influences my work. Please read my review

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