Frank A. Mills


A Photographer's Journal"

Old U.S. 81, near Ryan, Oklahoma
"Old U.S. 81"
Near Ryan, Oklahoma

Wandering & Wondering

Wandering the Varicose Ribbons ...

Someone once said, "The destination is the journey." I disagree. The best journey has no fixed destination. It goes where the adventure leads and never arrives at the destination. Each arrival is nothing but a destination discovered only upon arrival. Each arrival is but a stop along the adventure.

At heart I am a wanderer. Even with a destination in mind, I will often leave the Interstates and wander along those meandering varicose ribbons to see what is to be seen.

I am drawn to the varicose ribbons of concrete and asphalt, those meandering old byways ... [Read about why I wander the Varicose Ribbons]

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