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"A Photographer's Journal"

The only way to learn is to read and look. I do both— a lot of it. Here I share my thoughts on books and other things that have influenced my photography. And that includes music and other people's photography.


"Phil Smith"
Northfield, MN
In On Photography

A Review From a Photographer's Perspective

A review from a photographer's perspective of THE ARCHITECT-WALKER: A Mis-Guide, (Wrights & Sites, Triarchy Press, June 2018) and RETHINKING MYTHOGEOGRAPHY in Northfield, Minnesota, (John Schott & Phil Smith, Triarchy Press, 2018). In "Part 1" I explore the idea of mythogeography as a tool to disrupt the status quo. In "Part 2" I apply it to my own thinking about photography. Exploring how mythogeography influences my work. Please read my review.