Frank A. Mills

Main St., Waurika, Oklahoma
"Main Street - Waurika, Oklahoma"
An early Saturday morning along Waurika's Main Street (Old U.S. 81). "Waurika" is the anglicized version of the Comanche woarɨhka, meaning "worm-eater." It may be a Comanche reference to the early settlers plowing their fields, as humorous names were common to the Comanche culture.
Torchon Watercolor Paper
Wandering the varicose ribbons takes us through a rapidly vanishing countryside, through nearly vanished hamlets and once grand main streets. Our wandering takes by roadside attractions and tourist traps fallen on hard times, gasping eateries and filling stations, a rapidly vanishing landscape.

Today we are poorer for not not having the experience. We need to be wanders, and when we become wanderers and have a discovered the richness of our land, we are the better for it. At least I know I am.
Read the short "Varicose Ribbons" essay.
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