Frank A. Mills

Fine Art Photography

Fulton Beach, Texas

My Fine Art Photography falls into four different categories: Ineffable Texas, Americana Revival, The Urban Soul, Upstart Modern

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Ineffable Texas
Fine Art Photography

Windmill & Barn
Round Rock, Texas

Ineffable Texas takes us on a journey through a rapidly vanishing Texas— Through nearly vanished hamlets and once grand main streets, by roadside attractions and tourist traps fallen on hard times, gasping eateries and filling stations, fallen barns; all of it, a vanishing Texas.

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Americana Revival
Fine Art Photography

The Soda Fountain
Glen Rose, Texas

Americana Revival Fine Art Photography is a photographic collection of images of places and things characteristic of the American Culture as a whole. While to some, nostalgic, is not meant to be such. Americana Revival Fine Art Photography is not about reviving the old times. It is, however, about making our history, folklore and cultural heritage important once again— Important to our well-being as Americans. Americana Revival Fine Art Photography reminds us of where we have come from, and provides hints for a sustainable future.

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The Urban Soul
Fine Art Photography

Dining at the Shaker Diner
Shaker Square, Cleveland, Ohio

"The ordinary practitioners of the city ... make use of spaces that cannot be seen; their knowledge of them is a blind as that of lovers in each others' arms. The paths that correspond in this intertwining, an unrecognized poem in which each body is an element signed by many others, excludes legibility" – Michel de Certeau in The Practice of Everyday Life

It is the city and her practitioners that informs all of my Urban Soul Photography, whether portraiture or street. "Unfolding," an "unfolding" introduction to Urban Soul fine Art Photography

Upstart Modern
Fine Art Photography

Tyson's Tacos, Austin, Texas

Like a young upstart, Upstart Modern Photography seems to cast aside all the "rules," forsaking the old forms; instead, seeking new approaches with which to examine an ever changing world, to explore that which often goes unobserved.

Themed Fine Art Photography

"Art Within Art

With all of my images I seek to give rise to memories, to bridge cultures and bring people together, and to provide hope for the future. Sometimes an image, or a series of images inspire to weave a story around them. The style always varies, but hopefully the story spurs memories and ideas, getting to think about life and the living of life.

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